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Midweek update - gastric_follies [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Midweek update [Mar. 1st, 2006|08:48 am]



Shit, I forget.. uhm... I did go to the gym though

My folks had a big party this weekend so there were massive quantities of tasty leftovers - I ate a LOT of sweets! Like ice cream and rumcake. Mmm.


15 minutes on stationary bike, 22 minutes on ellyptical - about 300 calories burned

Breakfast: 1 bowl oatmeal, 1 grapefruit, tea
Lunch: 1 shrimp spring roll; 1 or so cup of chopped up chicken strips, tomato and green bellpepper.
Snack: 1 SlimFast bar, 220 cals, before workout.
Din-din: 1 100cal tomato-basil wrap with tuna, 1 table spoon lowfat mayo, lots of baby greens and green bellpepper. 1 40cal crispbread with sourcream and chicken

Badness: 3 rumballs, 1/2 small chocolate cupcake. Mmmm... not bad, considering it was Mardi Gras!


For the first time in months, I got to the gym in the morning! I did 17 mins on treadmill and 20 on ellyptical for about 300 cals burned. Plus situps and stretching. Not bad! Still trying to work up to about 45 mins of cardio.

Well, Fat Tuesday's past and my diet is about to turn into a nutritionist's wet dream.

Breakfast: 1 50cal whole wheat tortilla with one scrambled egg, sprinkled with cheese
Snack: 1/2 cup plain yogurt with 1/2 frozen berries and 2 dates
Lunch (okay, so I haven't eaten it yet): 1 cup or so of baby greens with 1 spoon light dressing; 1/2 cup curry rice with bit of bbq pork and lots of baby carrots.
Snack for Later: Grapefruit